FEDLINK is pleased to announce that the OCLC Users Group Meeting will be cybercast! On Tuesday, November 18, 2003 at 9:00 a.m., simply point your browser to http://www.loc.gov/flicc/cybercast/oclc03.html and watch the proceedings at your desk. Thank you to everyone who registered and contacted us to let us know of your interest in the program.
You may want to test your system's viewing options before the event. If you can view any of the videos available on the FLICC Web site's Online
Educational Video Library (http://lcweb.loc.gov/flicc/vidlib.html), you will be able to view the cybercast. Please contact your IT/automation
professionals for assistance with any local restrictions or firewalls.
If there are any technical difficulties at our end, we will continuously update the cybercast link (http://www.loc.gov/flicc/cybercast/oclc03.html) with information. Although we cannot assist you with any local technical issues, if you have other difficulties, please call us at (202) 707-4800.
Enjoy the program tomorrow!