Please join Maureen Meyer, LexisNexis Research Consultant, and Marie Kaddell, Information Professional Consultant for Federal Libraries at LexisNexis, for
a overview of LexisNexis(tm) SmartLinx(tm), LexisNexis(tm) Company Dossier, and the recently released LexisNexis(tm) Industry Dossier.
LexisNexis(tm) SmartLinx(tm)
 See connections between people, businesses, locations & assets with one click! Need to uncover complex connections and relationships between, people, businesses, locations and assets? Using LexisNexis(tm) SmartLinx(tm), you can quickly and accurately locate these connections without spending hours or days.
 SmartLinx provides unique power -
* Start your analysis with as little or as much information  as  you have
* SmartLinx analyzes each record to determine that the linked entities -- regardless of possible spelling, formatting, or other variations -- are actually the same
* Generates a summary report
* Links to associated SmartLinx summary reports and the original source documents used to compile them with no additional charge to you 
 Get the Picture with i2 Viewer - Instantly generate a picture with the specially integrated Anacubis(tm) viewer built into SmartLinx. With one click, you can discover complex relationships not readily apparent within the raw data, transforming them into actionable intelligence. 
 Use SmartLinx to:
* Document the chain of ownership for a business or property
* Compile connections and conflicts of interest 
* Uncover business and personal assets, mortgage, lien and bankruptcy liabilities
* Find associates, neighbors, "lost" people, and others
* Discover name variations, including maiden names, aliases, DBAs, even misspellings 
 SmartLinx complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Driver's Privacy Protection Act and similar state laws and the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act.
LexisNexis(tm) Company Dossier and Industry Dossier
Having the right information is key to success. Finding that information shouldn't be time-consuming and difficult. LexisNexis(tm) Company Dossier helps you get detailed company intelligence you feel confident about quickly
and easily. LexisNexis(tm) Industry Dossier is an efficient tool for obtaining insightful industry intelligence. Industry Dossier helps you get the industry information you need with in-depth results, clearly organized reports and intuitive search techniques.
Company Dossier
Listed below are just a few of the highlights of the new Company Dossier:
* Greater Company Coverage: You can now research 10 million U.S. companies and more than 3 million international companies using LexisNexis(tm) Company Dossier. This includes information on a company's products and brands, competitors, analyst reports, local news, and much more. 
* Advanced Search Abilities: Company Dossier gives you the power to screen companies according to 16 variables simultaneously for a customized profile, download the data that you need, browse company and news results at
the same time, and more. 
Industry Dossier
Listed below are just a few of Industry Dossier's highlights:
* Unparalleled Industry Coverage: You can now research more than 1,000 U.S. industries using LexisNexis(tm) Industry Dossier, drawing from leading sources: Integra, the US Economic Census, Mergerstat®, Market Guide Industry
Report, and more.
* Easy to Use Search and Screening Features: You'll be able to search by two- or four-digit SIC codes, crosslink with LexisNexis(tm) Company Dossier reports, and compare top companies within an industry.
* Clear, Relevant  Reports: Industry Dossier integrates search results from a pool of premium, far-reaching sources and pulls relevant industry information into an easy-to-use set of reports. These include Snapshot, Mergers, Industry Review, Legislative and Economic Reports.
WHEN: December 9, 2003
Time: 9:30-11:30am and 1:30--3:30pm
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