Could I beg for a little Schema for Dummies advice?

Did the MODS schema authors consider making more of
the MODS subelements global elements, and "ref-ing" them
within the larger elements such as originInfo?

The reason I ask is that in trying to draft an Eresources Management
schema for the DLF ERM Initiative, I would prefer to incorporate
MODS elements rather than define brand new ones where there is overlap.
Unfortunately, XML schema only permits the referencing of global elements,
when what the ERM data dictionary calls for correspond to subelements of
MODS such as publisher and frequency. For example, ERM doesn't
need "place", but I do want to be able to specify which pieces of originInfo
ERM records should use. I can't even "ref" originInfo, either because it is
not global, is a complexType or both. (I wonder if the xlink and Dublin Core
schemas were created the way they were expressly to facilitate the reuse of
their elements in other schemas.)

Is there another technique that would permit the use of specific MODS
subelements within another schema? The concepts I want are in MODS, but
I haven't found a way to use them.

The usual apologies for asking dumb questions apply. Thanks,


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