On Friday, November 7, 2003, at 11:05  AM, Rebecca S. Guenther wrote:

> In any case, we would need to do something because the DC-Library
> Application Profile uses some MODS elements. At some point when that
> is completed someone will write a schema for it and will need to use a
> few MODS elements (location and edition).

I'm a little confused about all the different efforts out there related
to bibliographic metadata.  We have MODS, of course.  We also have the
DC-Library profile, and the citation working group; both relating to
DC.  The latter seems to have some relation to the OpenURL stuff, which
has written it's own -- very limited I might add -- schema.

Is there any sort of coordination here?  Shouldn't there be?

With v3 of MODS, I think for once an XML schema has gotten the question
of parts description right.  I really think this solution ought to be
promoted more widely.  As it is, I see in these other approaches once
again retreading a dead end road.  Having elements like <journalTitle>
just strikes me as a bad idea, as is having separate genre-specific
schemas, because it means only a small number of genres will be
adequately coded.

Or is it the case that DC must be flat, and so there can be no way to
have a title within an <IsPartOf> element?