If there is a short list of (sub) elements that would be useful to globalize
we can do this for version 3.0.  If it's a long list we'll wait until 3.1.
(We want to evaluate each element suggested to analyze whether it makes
sense to globalize it.)  So please suggest element in the next few days.


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> Yes, I guess assigning URIs to elements is another issue, and one that we
> haven't clearly worked out, nor do we completely understand yet. I was
> told that the point of it was to be able to do just this, reuse elements,
> but I realize now that there are some technical issues that need to be
> addressed in the schema itself. And you are right, there is no commitment
> to getting something at the other end when you use that element URI
> (ideally it would be some documentation about it). We need to take that
> issue separately.
> I agree that it is worth doing something about this in the schema, and Ray
> is going to send a message to the list about it. In any case, we would
> need to do something because the DC-Library Application Profile uses some
> MODS elements. At some point when that is completed someone will write a
> schema for it and will need to use a few MODS elements (location and
> edition).
> Rebecca

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