This is slightly off-topic, but I thought I'd post here because it
might have some relevance:

My interest in MODS is to use for citation purposes.  This covers one
aspect of improving bibliographic citation support in XML.  However,
there is another important issue that a few of us are also proposing to
change/improve: citation support in authoring schemas like DocBook, TEI
and OpenOffice.  Unfortunately, none of them are adequate for serious
academic authoring.

To whit:

Markus Hoenicka, Peter Flynn and I have proposed some improvement to
DocBook (we'll tackle the others soon after).  The DocBook Technical
Committee discussed the proposal briefly at their last meeting, but put
off further discussion until this month's meeting (coming real soon, in
fact).  They asked that we solicit comment on the docbook lists.
Unfortunately, our queries have met with (virtual) silence, which has
us a bit worried.

So, if anyone is interested in the application of XML bibliographic
data to XML authoring, please take a look at the following and help us
out with comments.

Also, please forward to *anyone* you think might be interested in this.
  I'm not aware of anyplace where academics interested in XML hangout