No, I don't see anything either in the MARC related entry fields
( that would
represent that kind of relationship. I thought abuot it for a few
minutes and it's a bit odd because both "references" and
"isReferencedBy" (as in DC) is a non-publshing relationship between
documents. By that I mean that the relationship doesn't explain how they
are published (i.e. succeeding title, preceeding title, translation) but
is about how the documents have been used intellectually in relation to
each other. I can't find anything in MARC that isn't about publication
patterns: things being contained in each other at publication, or
published in the same package. Moving from that to references seems to
be a new "meta" level, going into the content of items and formalizing
other relationships. Oddly, there are some other relationships that do
get acknowledged, although it's very indirect. For example if an opera
is based on a play by Shakespeare, there will often be an added entry
for the Shakespearean play, but there is no coding that states:
'basedOn:' So the intellectual relationship sneaks in, but usually only
when it's pretty specific, i.e. the Opera is named "Twelfth Night" and
openly acknowledges its relationship to the play.

I can imagine creating metadata for an article that includes the
references, since at that point you have a single container and a finite
and non-growing target (the references or the bibliography in a book or
articles). IsReferencedBy is a bit trickier, because while you may have
one item in hand that references your document, you have no idea how
many others are out there, nor how many will be created in the future.
So there is no concept of "completeness" for that aspect of your
metadata. Do you intend to add to the metadata entry if another article
you come across also references that item? Or will each "isReferencedBy"
result in a new metadata record?

If you think of this more as a database function (like the citation
indexes) rather than a single metadata record then it starts to make
sense, but you'll need to use a database or network-like model rather
than the model of a single metadata record. Of course, this heads down
the slippery slope of the semantic web, and I think that requires a very
different metadata approach from the "unit record" concept that MARC is
based on.

Not to say that MODS couldn't morph into this -- I haven't thought about
that -- but it makes sense that you don't find it in MARC.


On Fri, 2003-11-28 at 17:56, Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
> In a lot of formats -- Dublin Core, DocBook, etc. -- there is an
> element/attribute value called something like Is-Referenced-By.
> Example from DocBook:
> <biblioentry id="smith53>
>    <title>Title</title>
>    <author>
>      <surname>Smith</surname>
>    </author>
>    <bibliorelation type="isreferencedby"
> remap="jones99">p.37</bibliorelation>
> </biblioentry>
> I was just looking for this in MODS' relatedItem, and not seeing it or
> anything similar.  Am I missing something?
> Bruce
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