Machines and Accessories  No. 03-14

       Date: October 31, 2003

       Subject: Machine repair annual statistics report

       NLS is asking machine-lending agencies (MLAs) to provide information
       about the number of machine repairs they coordinated during fiscal year 2003.
       This information will be used in developing the NLS machine-repair budget.
       Each subregional library is asked to complete the report and submit a copy to
       its regional library by November 14, 2003.  Regional libraries that are not
       MLAs should then provide a summary to their MLA.  Each MLA should send
       a report containing a combined total that includes all repair activities in its
       area to NLS by November 21, 2003.

       __Important note:__  The U.S. Postal Service mail delivery at NLS is still
       disrupted.  All reports from MLAs to NLS should be sent via fax or e-mail.
       To fax, use a cover page directing the fax to "Engineering, ERO" at (202)
       707-0712.  To e-mail, use the subject line "Repair survey" send the report to
       <[log in to unmask]>. Be sure that the report identifies the reporting MLA.

       For further information contact:

        Kevin Watson
       Equipment Repair Officer

Machine Repair Annual Statistics Report
Deadline:  November 14, 2003

Return To:     Engineering Section - ERO
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Library of Congress
<[log in to unmask]>
or fax to  (202) 707-0712

From:          __________________________________________________





Each subregional library should submit its report to its regional library no later than November 14, 2003.  Each
regional library report should contain a combined total that includes all subregional libraries for its area.  Please
record below the quantities of repairs that took place between October 1, 2002, and September 30, 2003.

Repair Type                      Personnel              Quantity

How many CBM machines            Telecom Pioneers
were repaired for                GE Elfun
your state by your               Others(including staff)

How many CBM machines              Telecom Pioneers
were repaired for                  GE Elfun
another state by                   Others (including staff)
your state's:

How many cassette tapes            Staff and all volunteers
were repaired in your