In practice, the provisions in Z1 relating to the revision of name
headings contributed to the NACO file by the British Library have
more a notification than an approval process.  A simple e-mail to the
address provided in Z1, specifying the record number and the revisions
involved, will usually suffice.  They are very agreeable to other
bibliographic inquiries sent through the same address.

This change in practice has been to a large extent due to the British
Library's willingness to adopt the NACO form of heading in its
and bibliographic products in preference to its own.

In order for them to do this, however, they must be informed of the
revisions. In some past cases, I have received responses from them
asking for a delay in distributing a revision, due to the need of
synchronising their own bibliographic distribution system with that of

In my eight happy years dealing with the BL, they have never
"disapproved" a revision to a heading.  At most, they have provided
better data which can be used in either a new, AACR2 formulation of
heading or qualifiers to the heading.

The reminder to the PCC list was done at their request during a
particularly complicated phase of data migration to their new system.
It is particularly useful to that process for them to keep the bulk of
the database as current as possible; notification is the quickest way
do that.

Anthony R.D. Franks
Cooperative Cataloging Program Specialist
Library of Congress
202-707-2822 (voice)
202-252-2082 (fax)