We'll work on that; keep in mind, though, that I am not the British
Library nor an obligating officer of the Library of Congress and cannot
dispense with the notification requirement itself.


>>> [log in to unmask] 11/18/03 02:26PM >>>
Anthony, Mike, et al.:
      The pertinent section Z1 currently reads:

"British Library records.  The British Library must be consulted prior
making any change to the 1XX field of a record it has contributed
any record with the code "Uk" in 040 subfield $a).  Send an email
to [log in to unmask] giving the Library of Congress Control Number
of the record and a brief explanation for the proposed change.  Fax
supporting information for the proposed change if such information
would be
useful (International: +44 1937 546562)."

If practice has indeed evolved to the point where NACO libraries
merely notify the BL when we change a 1XX on a Uk record, could the
pages be updated to reflect this change?

-- Jim LeBlanc

At 12:51 PM 11/18/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>In practice, the provisions in Z1 relating to the revision of name
>headings contributed to the NACO file by the British Library have
>more a notification than an approval process.  A simple e-mail to the
>address provided in Z1, specifying the record number and the
>involved, will usually suffice.  They are very agreeable to other
>bibliographic inquiries sent through the same address.
>This change in practice has been to a large extent due to the British
>Library's willingness to adopt the NACO form of heading in its
>and bibliographic products in preference to its own.
>In order for them to do this, however, they must be informed of the
>revisions. In some past cases, I have received responses from them
>asking for a delay in distributing a revision, due to the need of
>synchronising their own bibliographic distribution system with that
>In my eight happy years dealing with the BL, they have never
>"disapproved" a revision to a heading.  At most, they have provided
>better data which can be used in either a new, AACR2 formulation of
>heading or qualifiers to the heading.
>The reminder to the PCC list was done at their request during a
>particularly complicated phase of data migration to their new system.
>It is particularly useful to that process for them to keep the bulk
>the database as current as possible; notification is the quickest way
>do that.
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