This process is one I addressed a few years ago during an ACIG
(Authority Control in the Online Environment Interest Group)
meeting. As a result of that presentation/discussion  NACO
participants were directed to add a 667 note Formerly on AR... to
AR's created for such names. Working with these changes continues
to occupy more of my time than I like. I sometimes cannot find
(because of the number of records) the AR that the heading moved
to. I continue to have "orphan" headings because the heading in our
catalog was not a pair on the original AR, so when the last pair
was left and a participating library changed the AR to a "unique"

A partial solution that I proposed was to never change the heading
of a "non-unique" AR, if you move the last pair, leave the AR with
that heading, leave the fixed field code for the name as 'b'. That
would mean that names wouldn't be orphaned and for those of us
using linked authority systems, headings for folks wouldn't be
changed incorrectly (i.e. authors wouldn't be writing years before
they were born). As usual, there are downsides to this solution for
shared bib records, union catalogs, etc.

One of my pet topics..

Mary Charles

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> We handle this by receiving the updated authority record from
> OCLC.  Then we look at every changed name to fix our bibs.  When
> we find that we have the wrong authority record, we get the right
> one & delete the old one if necessary.  This also happens when
> undifferentiated headings are split into differentiated ones.
> I'm sure we have many bibs that have name headings without dates,
> but later someone added an authority & we don't know about it.  I
> try to look at them when I run across them to see if they might
> have their own authority now.
> Karen
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