I just wanted to introduce myself as the new moderator of the EAD
Listserv, the position previously held by Randy Barry.  After many years
working in the Network Development and MARC Standards office at the
Library of Congress (as well as on EAD), he has taken a promotion in
another part of the Library.  He will be missed, but he and other
colleagues are here to help when I come upon problems, such as the spam
mails of November 28th posted to the Listserv.  Many thanks to all who
helped point that out.

Currently, the listserv is an unmoderated list, but has now been
limited to postings from listserv members only to help eliminate spam
emails.  Please let me know if you have any problems.

I look forward to serving as I learn from my colleagues and all of you
on the EAD Listserv.

Best wishes,


Glenn Gardner
Network Development & MARC Standards Office
Library of Congress
(202) 707-7414             LS/OPS/NDMSO (4402)