Hi, all,

Has anyone linked component-level EAD descriptions to digitized audio or
video via <daogrp>? If so, how'd you do it (or can you point me to
examples)? One of our curators would like to link finding aid entries to
digital video clips (the fairly short clips will be made from digital
videotapes of original films, I believe).  Would the component entry include
time code info? Would it make sense to have a <c0x> entry for, say, a
physical item like a film or video, and then link either from that entry or
from subordinate entries to the digital video clip files, with time code
numbers identifying where the content is on the original item? (It's
probably clear from the way I'm asking that I'm new to this!)

Also, an NWDA participant (Northwest Digital Archives) is interested in
linking to digitized audio of oral history interviews.

Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks.

Marsha Maguire
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