Hi Aaron,

Your situation is unusual, in that most institutions would likely link from
the catalog record to the encoded finding aid.  For that, you should provide
a link in your MARC 856 field.  The Application Guidelines are useful for
describing that linking.  Look under "Catalog records" in the index.

From within the marked document, a <note> placed strategically somewhere is
probably your best bet.  Elements like <altformavail> <physloc>, etc. are
not appropriate for the use you describe, as these elements deal with
physical objects or digital surrogates, not catalog records.

Nesting it within <controlaccess> might be a sensible option.  You are
providing detailed markup of controlled vocabulary subject and name content
there already.  A link to the catalog record might "fit."  <note> is a very
flexible element and is valid within <controlaccess>.

Happy Holidays,

Lori Lindberg
San Jose State University
School of Library and Information Science
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On 12/16/03 10:20 AM, "Aaron Dietz" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Greetings,
> Our Library is putting Finding Aids on the Web.  We're including a link
> to the online catalog record of the collection each finding aid is for.
> We aren't sure of the best place to put this reference and I didn't find
> any similar examples on EAD sites.
> Here's one option we have considered:
> <archdesc level="collection" type="register">
> <did>
> <unittitle>COLLECTION NAME</unittitle>
> <physloc>Click here for the catalog record and location
> information:<extptr href="http://link_to_catalog_record"/></physloc>
> </did>
> All suggestions and help are appreciated.
> Aaron Dietz
> Denver Public Library