I agree with Jodi that this doesn't seem like the use for which <physloc> was intended, at least according to the EAD 2002 Tag Library. From my own repository's perspective, I'd question the utility of a link back to the OPAC record from the finding aid, but if you really decide it is worthwhile in your situation, maybe you should think about <otherfindaid><p></p></otherfindaid>? The MARC record is, after all, another descriptive tool for the collection, so would seem to me to fit into EAD most neatly using this element.


Jodi Allison-Bunnell wrote:

Aaron: This doesn't look like a legal use of the <physloc> tag, from my
reading. However, I don't have any ideas of a better tag. Others?

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Our Library is putting Finding Aids on the Web.  We're including a link
to the online catalog record of the collection each finding aid is for.
We aren't sure of the best place to put this reference and I didn't find
any similar examples on EAD sites.

Here's one option we have considered:

<archdesc level="collection" type="register">
<unittitle>COLLECTION NAME</unittitle>
<physloc>Click here for the catalog record and location
information:<extptr href="http://link_to_catalog_record"/></physloc>

All suggestions and help are appreciated.

Aaron Dietz
Denver Public Library

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