On Tue, 9 Dec 2003, Marie-Louise Ayres wrote:

> Dear all
> A series of queries to the list/LC.
> 1.  The MODS review page at:
> gives the following URL
> for the location of the schema
> but the file is not at that location.  Could you advise the correct address?
> I can't get my files to validate as I'm including V3 coding but declaring
> the older version.

Yes, I noticed that earlier. But we are about to put up the final v3, so
will just change the link to that.

> 2.  LC colleagues - any timelines on updated MODS2MARCXML and MARCXML2MODS
> stylesheets becoming available?

Trying to get them up at the same time as v3. There may be a slight delay
in getting up MODS2MARCXML; MARCXML2MODS will go up with the  new version,
probably later today or tomorrow.

Answers to the rest of your questions later.