> From: Bruce D'Arcus [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
> Subject: Re: [MODS] genres and governments records
> I don't see how the MARC list is hard-coded in the schema.  The larger
> problem is there is NO control (e.g. at the level of validation) in
> reality, despite the superficial appearance that there is.

How about:
                <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
                        <xsd:enumeration value="text"/>
                        <xsd:enumeration value="cartographic"/>
                        <xsd:enumeration value="notated music"/>
                        <xsd:enumeration value="sound recording"/>
                        <xsd:enumeration value="still image"/>
                        <xsd:enumeration value="moving image"/>
                        <xsd:enumeration value="three dimensional object"/>
                        <xsd:enumeration value="software, multimedia"/>
                        <xsd:enumeration value="mixed material"/>

> > So I will reiterate the direction that I would like to see MODS move
> > towards: controlled lists in MODS should be URI based or use a URI for
> > the "controlling authority" along with the term from the controlled
> > list, so that other metadata communities can plug in their own
> > controlled
> > lists.
> So how would you propose to do that?  With namespaces?  With just a uri
> on the genre element?

You could use a complete URI for attributes or element content, or
use a qualified name for attributes.  However, any URI developed by
a "controlling authority" should be specifiable in both forms for
maximum flexibility with other metadata standards, e.g. some like to
use complete URI's others like qualified names.  HTTP based URI's
are preferable over URN's.  CORES is not quite there yet, but hopefully
they will before they go live.