On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 05:04, Andrew E Switala wrote:
> You could consider simply omitting typeOfResource; there are no
> mandatory subelements of <mods>.  A past event is a "resource" in the
> W3C sense (anything that has identity)

I got curious about the definition of resource and looked in the RDF
specification, where resource is defined as:

"An abstract object that represents either a physical object such as a
person or a book or a conceptual object such as a color or the class of
things that have colors. Web pages are usually considered to be physical
objects, but the distinction between physical and conceptual or abstract
objects is not important to RDF. A resource can also be a component of a
larger object; for example, a resource can represent a specific person's
left hand or a specific paragraph out of a document."

An event is neither a physical object nor a "conceptual" object, really,
it's, well, I guess it's an "event" object. So I now wonder if events
have been taken into account in the concept of resource. Has anyone run
into the cataloging of events (and not web pages about events)?

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