On Dec 9, 2003, at 12:11 AM, Marie-Louise Ayres wrote:

> 7.  My colleagues in the Australian National Bibliographic Database
> wondered
> whether any other organisations had raised the needs for a MODS
> equivalent
> to MARC 008 character position 28 to represent government publications?
> Would you use
> <genre authority="marc">government publication</genre>
> But in this case, there is no way to indicate the jurisdictonal level.
>  This
> is an issue for us as we are using MODS and our new Harvester system
> to pass
> metadata bout online government publications through to the NBD.

I had wondered about this too.  For example, how to represent the
jurisdiction of a court in a legal case (which does have a genre

I guess in DC "coverage" could be used to, um, cover this sort of
thing, but the equivalent in MODS is handled in the subjects.  While
maybe a bit awkward, a simple solution might be to allow an attribute
there that allows for jurisdiction coding.