What you and I discussed was the list that states that the item is a
government document, and what level of government. This comes from a
code in the MARC 008:

28 - Government publication
A one-character code that indicates whether the item is published or
produced by or for a government agency, and, if so, the jurisdictional
level of the agency.
# - Not a government publication
a - Autonomous or semi-autonomous component
c - Multilocal
f - Federal/national
i - International intergovernmental
l - Local
m - Multistate
o - Government publication--level undetermined
s - State, provincial, territorial, dependent, etc.
u - Unknown if item is government publication
z - Other
| - No attempt to code

CR would be "f" -- federal/national.


On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 07:44, Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
> About the example I posted from the Congressional Record:
> What should the genre for the CR be?
> Also, related, I recall having a conversation in which someone (maybe
> Karen?) said there was a list of genres for government documents like
> hearings and such that ought to be added to the standard MARC list.
> Question1:  can someone point me to the list?
> Question 2:  has there been any movement on adding the values to the
> MARC list?
> Bruce
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