On Friday, December 5, 2003, at 11:06  AM, Andrew E Switala wrote:

> The BibX list at is quite rich

Having been involved in BibX, you'd have thought I might have
remembered that ;-)

> If you'd like to use the MARC list, can't an application (stylesheet or
> what have you) determine whether something is an article based upon
> whether it has <relatedItem type="host"> with subelement <genre
> authority="marcgt">periodical</genre>?  Similarly the bibTeX
> @inproceedings would have a host item with genre "conference
> publication", and @incollection would have a host item with genre
> "book".  The scholarliness of the publication can be indicated, if
> needed, with a value of "specialized" in <targetAudience>.  Then genre
> of the main entry could be "technical report", where the equivalent of
> bibTeX's @techreport could be distinguished from the others by lacking
> a
> host item.
> It occurs to me that such a hierarchical approach would give even more
> granularity, if one needed it, by allowing the use of genres for the
> hosted item like "abstract or summary", "biography", "review", and
> "survey of literature" for scholarly journal publications other than
> research articles.

Yeah, you're right.  We still need a way to distinguish a legal article
from a newspaper article , and a thesis from a book, though.