On Friday, December 5, 2003, at 12:02  PM, Houghton,Andrew wrote:

> MODS takes too much from MARC-21 with the idea that only its
> controlled lists can be used and they are hard coded into the Schema
> without anyway to use alternate controlled lists, without directly
> modifying the XML Schema.

I don't see how the MARC list is hard-coded in the schema.  The larger
problem is there is NO control (e.g. at the level of validation) in
reality, despite the superficial appearance that there is.

> So I will reiterate the direction that I would like to see MODS move
> towards: controlled lists in MODS should be URI based or use a URI for
> the "controlling authority" along with the term from the controlled
> list, so that other metadata communities can plug in their own
> controlled
> lists.

So how would you propose to do that?  With namespaces?  With just a uri
on the genre element?