MARC has a separate format for events -- the Community Information
Format. ( It mainly
covers recurring events, but could be used for a one-time event. It is
designed primarily as prospective, not retrospective, i.e. it isn't
cataloging the fact of a past event but provides information about
upcoming community meetings, etc. That was the main need the libraries
had in relation to events. It does have what look like good fields for
describing events: date and time, who sponsors it, what it costs to get
it, is it wheelchair accessible, is child care provided? (Possibly not
what you need ...) I know that my local public library uses this to keep
a database of local organizations and meetings.

MODS was created from MARC *Bibliographic*. The only events that MARC
bibliographic recognizes are conferences, and only when they produce a
publication. (And we know that although hearings could be considered
events, they aren't well treated as such in MARC.)

I personally think it would be a fairly radical change to move MODS
beyond bibliographic materials into other areas unless we are prepared
to make a real break from MARC altogether. It would definitely eliminate
any assumptions about being able to create MARC records from MODS

Anyone interested in an MODS-ish version of CIF? I hadn't looked at it
in a while, but it's a very nice metadata format for its purpose.


On Sat, 2003-12-06 at 06:05, Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
> Ah yes.  This one is just not a huge issue for me, because the
> categories are so broad.  I suppose it would be nice to have "event"
> there too, though.
> Bruce
> On Dec 5, 2003, at 3:47 PM, Houghton,Andrew wrote:
> >> I don't see how the MARC list is hard-coded in the schema.  The larger
> >> problem is there is NO control (e.g. at the level of validation) in
> >> reality, despite the superficial appearance that there is.
> >
> > How about:
> >                 <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
> >                         <xsd:enumeration value="text"/>
> >                         <xsd:enumeration value="cartographic"/>
> >                         <xsd:enumeration value="notated music"/>
> >                         <xsd:enumeration value="sound recording"/>
> >                         <xsd:enumeration value="still image"/>
> >                         <xsd:enumeration value="moving image"/>
> >                         <xsd:enumeration value="three dimensional
> > object"/>
> >                         <xsd:enumeration value="software, multimedia"/>
> >                         <xsd:enumeration value="mixed material"/>
> >                 </xsd:restriction>
> >
> >
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