Oops, the "ambiguity" was in my message, sorry :O.  The note field was
just meant to be a label FYI.  The important bits were that a legal
article had a genre of "legal article" or a host with genre "law report
or digest", while a journal article had a host with genre

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        On Dec 5, 2003, at 3:33 PM, Andrew E Switala wrote:

        > <mods>
>   <note>journal article</note>
>   <genre authority="marcgt"><!   technical report, essay,
survey of
> literature, etc.   ></genre>
>   <relatedItem type="host">
>     <genre authority="marcgt">periodical</genre>
>   </relatedItem>
> </mods>


        > Where's the ambiguity?

        Surely it's a bad idea to depend on a generic and uncontrolled
note for
data portability and formatting reliability.