The thesauri that can be used as the source of genres terms in MARC records is at

There is quite a choice.  For congressional hearings I would choose the Library of Congress Subject Heading "Legislative hearings |z United States", which has the non-preferred term "Congressional hearings".   It would go in a MARC 655 field, the field for genres and physical characteristics.  For the Congressional Record I could not say, being unfamiliar with it.  Sorry, Government publications are a minefield for the non-specialist.

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About the example I posted from the Congressional Record:

What should the genre for the CR be?

Also, related, I recall having a conversation in which someone (maybe
Karen?) said there was a list of genres for government documents like
hearings and such that ought to be added to the standard MARC list.

Question1:  can someone point me to the list?

Question 2:  has there been any movement on adding the values to the
MARC list?