At 12:57 AM 12/20/2003 +0100, Theo van Veen wrote:
>Allthough it's a minor thing I would like the "?" being part of what we
>call the base-url.
>The reason for this is services can take (private) parameters as part of
>the base-url.
>IMO the SRU URL should be base-url + request rather than base-url +
>?request. It
>allows for example to use the database name as a parameter as part of the
>Anyway it gives more freedom to how the server is implemented and I don't
>think at
>interferes with other things.

I agree very strongly with Theo's point. I think this is common
practice, used for example in OpenGIS Consortium services such
as Web Mapping Service

   6.2.2 HTTP GET

   An Online Resource URL intended for HTTP GET requests is in
   fact only a URL prefix to which additional parameters are
   appended in order to construct a valid Operation request.
   A URL prefix is defined as an opaque string including the
   protocol, hostname, optional port number, path, a question
   mark '? ', and, optionally, one or more server-specific
   parameters ending in an ampersand '& '. The prefix uniquely
   identifies the particular service instance. A client appends
   the necessary request parameters as name/ value pairs in the
   form "name= value&". The resulting URL shall be valid
   according to the HTTP Common Gateway Interface standard [CGI],
   which mandates the presence of '? ' before the sequence of
   query parameters and the '& ' between each parameter.

   The URL prefix shall end in either a '? ' (in the absence of
   additional server-specific parameters) or a '& '. In practice,
   however, Clients should be prepared to add a necessary trailing
   '? ' or '& ' before appending the Operation parameters defined
   in this specification in order to construct a valid request URL.