> My preference would be to have a mandated CQL version for every SRW
> version.

Sounds good, but let's be clear about what we mean by mandated.

1.What defines the srw version in use?  Remember, the version parameter for
srw doesn't say what version is being used, it says what version the client
wants in the response. So let's say a client formulates an srw request using
version 1.2, and says 1.1 in the version parameter. What version of cql is
"mandated"?  The one that goes with 1.1?

2.By "mandated" we mean "only", I assume. Thus (for example) for srw 1.1,
only cql version 1.1 is ever used (and the fact that they have the same
version string is coincidental). Thus if there becomes a cql 1.2, then 1.3,
then 2.0, srw 1.1 would still only ever use cql 1.1.  Then let's say we move
to srw 1.2 and we say that it goes with cql 2.0, same thing, srw 1.1 may
only ever be used with cql 1.1 and srw 1.2 may only ever be used with cql