I couldn't agree more. VidiPax was founded on the principle of restoration.
Many people have misinterpreted this as meaning sonic or visual restoration,
when in fact it is quite different in meaning. The true meaning is in the
physical restoration sense. One must restore the physical media as close to
its original condition as possible, in order to achieve a faithful
reproduction of the content. This is often overlooked and the results can be
upsetting in the face of preservation. The playback device and technical
expertise behind its operation is absolutely key in achieving this as well.
This is also often overlooked and I have seen many video and audio tape
"preservation" copies which are scarred with improper media preparation and
technical setup for playback.

To follow my analogy earlier though, when talking about the quality of a car
one does not talk about the ability of the driver. I was simply referencing
a device and not the systems which revolve around the device. You certainly
make a good point though, and one that can't be made enough!

Chris Lacinak

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> I think it's important to remember two things here.
> 1. We're talking about preservation.

I think so...

> 2. the A/D converter is arguably the most important part of the chain
> in digital preservation.

While I don't disagree that the converter and everything in the chain is
important, I strongly believe that the analog playback chain's quality
(including native equipment quality and its proper adjustment to the
at hand) is the single most important determinate of final sound quality.

This statement also includes proper preparation of the analog recording for
playback. (I will admit that we've had some really good discussions about
cleaning. This is good!)