Anyone have any experience/thoughts on a product called Indigo IO? It is a PCcard (pcmcia) ADAC that has some good specs.  I know my question is relative to what I want to use it for, but its for basic field recording with a laptop.  What attracted me to it was the noise floor stats and its apparent immunity to windows and pc noise (I guess the terms are blitter noise, buzzes and hash?)

Here's a review for it,3973,1325686,00.asp

According to this review, the noise floor was -91.6db for 44Khz/16-bit and -90.2dB for 96Khz/24-bit.  I know that one can do better than this, but I thought this was pretty good without spending an arm and a leg..These can be had for about $150 or so.

Any thoughts?





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