ok, missed on the indigo io..Anyone have any thoughts/experience with either the

edirol UA-5 ( http://www.edirol.com/products/info/ua5.html ) or the
M-audio Duo (http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=products.main&ID=418bef83e1ef362642d74f048b31de21) ?

My recordings are using a stanton 500 II phono cartridge on cylinders.  Not sure how to figure out if I need a pre-amp or not. I know I can plug in the cartridge right into the mic input of my laptop sound card, it just sounds really bad (even silence is noisy). But don;t know if I need a preamp to do external d/a.

Looking to make field recordings of cylinders. Anyone have any basic guidelines about sampling rates etc. (wave files) cylinders? I'm sure 24/96 is too high, but wondered if there were any emerging standards.

Any info/experience/speculation is much appreciated.

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