At 01:32 PM 1/27/2004 -0700, Jon Noring wrote:

>I've read the two recent messages about the Loricraft and Keith Monks
>cleaning systems, so that adds some data points. Do we really need a
>system as elaborate as these machines to meet the general requirements
>mentioned above?

I do not know the Loricraft, but the Monks is rather far removed from
portable in the usual senses. The NittyGritty is one choice, but for field
use, I'd suggest getting familiar with the advantages of a wetting agent in
tap water, distilled or demineralized water for the rinse and a cosmetic
brush or two (one for the rough part, a clean one for the final). Nitty
Gritty had (has?) a nice wooden arrangement for manual buffing of
LaserDiscs; my guess is that it would be a good, inexpensive starting point
for a field 'machine'.

Of course, if you plan on fitting out an RV or the like for your field
work, size and cost of the Monks might not be obstacles.

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