Hi Jos. I use these flash drives quite often for non-audio related storage (just regular files). They are very good and VERY fast. I think they are faster than a hard drive if you have a usb 2.0 set up.  They are very small and can hold up to 1GB (maybe more these days?) of data.  Dont know about their long term life. I am not sure if they might be susceptible to various naturally existing radiation like gamma rays, etc.
Just my experience...

Jos Van Dyck <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
What are your thoughts and expectations re. the use of so-called Pen
solid-state USB2 Flash memory sticks? No more mechanical problems with
Would these (or other solid-state storage devices) become a viable and
long-term storage alternative to CD-R, hard disk, tape or other
storage media?
What is their life expectation and vulnerability?

Jos Van Dyck

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