I dimly remember some of those solos on a 10" 33, possibly on Wisconsin collector John Steiner's Paramount label, and that they were very good.  Would his (Steiner's) recordings be at Univ of Wisconsin/Madison?  I'd like to hear the Simpson recordings again myself!

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01/28/2004 11:39 PM
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Dear Members:

Can anyone shed any light or where I might obtain a copy of this
I know that it was privately pressed and was a recorded by a
jazz collector.

I would be happy with a copy of the album but I would of course be most
in a copy of the original private pressing run.

Can any of the experts in the field direct me to the existence of this

The only information I have about Cass is what I gleaned from the book
Line by Milt Hinton & David Berger.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.