Dear ARSC people,

Andy Aliffe in High Wycombe, Bucks, England is writing an article for a
history magazine about Jack the Ripper and recorded sound
([log in to unmask]) and is seeking copies of three Vocalion
78-rpm discs (which seem not to be held in any of the AAA collections):

>>Tampa Red (vocal/guitar) acc. by Georgia Tom Dorsey (piano): Jack "the
>>Ripper" Blues - Vocalion 1577 (master #C-7213) - recorded in Chicago c.
>>January 16, 1931
>>Rev. A. W. Nix & Congregation: Jack the Ripper - Vocalion 1609 (master
>>#VO-153) - recorded in Chicago March 28, 1931
>>Tampa Red (vocal/guitar) & Georgia Tom Dorsey (vocal/piano): No Matter
>>How She Done It - Vocalion 1699 (master #11210-A) - recorded in New York
>>February 3, 1932

He'd like to obtain fine photocopies of the labels or quality scans of them
and would like to hear them. Copies must still exist because I was able to
locate reissues by looking in WorldCat database.

If any of you can help Mr. Aliffe, please reply directly to him by e-mail.

Thanks, Richard