From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

James L. Wolf in a private capacity wrote:

>     I must respectfully, but strongly, disagree with George. I've used a
> relatively recent model ELP turntable with a variety of discs in a
> variety of conditions. At it's best, the ELP sounds worse than the
> cheapest cartridge on the cheapest turntable. It is very noisy, lacks
> any dynamic range to speak of, and has trouble tracking loud attacks. It
> does NOT track cracked discs very well at all. It only works if the
> crack edges are perfectly lined up. Any gap, and it won't track.

----- My reply to the above is: I must respectfully, but strongly, suggest
that the machine you used would have been entitled to the after-sales service
the company provides. Something tells me that some dirt must have been
sitting on the optics, interfering both with its tracking ability and its
signal-to-noise ratio. The reason the company provides such service is that a
testimony such as yours does not do their company any good. That is why any
trader will always prefer that you come back to him first. If you have not
been treated as a valued customer, then I agree that there would be reason to
complain publicly.

Kind regards,