andy kolovos wrote:

> I'm looking for recommendations for an external 24/96 A/D converter with
> AES/EBU output.

An excellent pro-quality stand alone A-D/D-A converter is the "ADA" made by
CEDAR of England, primarily to work with their flagship Cambridge restoration
system, but very useful on it's own, at less than US $1,000.

Go here to get more details or to find out where you can buy or try one:-

In Canada, email to:
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Other parts of the world:

I have no affiliation with CEDAR other than that of being a long term, and
very satisfied customer who uses their products in my daily work.

... Graham Newton

Audio Restoration by Graham Newton,
World class professional services applied to tape or phonograph records for
consumers and re-releases, featuring CEDAR's new CAMBRIDGE processes.