There is no easy way out. Our lab often supports clients using the
following three-step process:

1. Qualify your writer using special media from our lab.

2. Qualify your media vendor using discs recorded by Media Sciences.

3. Confirm media selection using discs from you media vendor recorded in
your writer.

If batches have inconsistent quality, then you need another vendor.
However, all batches may be "bad" with some being worse than others.
Quality cannot be properly evaluated by functionality alone.

Media Sciences, Inc.

Jos Van Dyck wrote:
> Jerome,
> The problem IS with the unstable media quality. Some batches are OK,
> others are extremely bad.
> Where can we find a reliable source for 1x media?
> The Sony CDR-W66 is a stand alone pro studio audio recorder from Sony
> Broadcast:
> y_CDR_w66.shtml
> Cheers,
> Jos
> > Quoting Jerome Hartke
> > The problem is not with the media but rather with high-speed writers
> > running at 1X and other speeds. For example, a 24X writer might run
> fine
> > at 16X, poorly at 12X and at 8X, good at 4X, and poor at 2X and at
> 1X.
> >
> >
> > Quoting Richard Hess:
> >> Jerome,
> >>
> >> The CDRW66 (and its predecessor) the CDRW33 are real time audio
> recorders, not
> >> computer drives. So, when you feed the audio into the device in
> real time, you
> >> need to write the disc in real time.
> >>
> >> Cheers,
> >>
> >> Richard