on 1/23/04 11:40 AM, Eugene Hertz at [log in to unmask] wrote:

> Anyone have any experience/thoughts on a product called Indigo IO? It is a
> PCcard (pcmcia) ADAC that has some good specs...
> According to this review, the noise floor was -91.6db for 44Khz/16-bit and
> -90.2dB for 96Khz/24-bit.  I know that one can do better than this, but I
> thought this was pretty good without spending an arm and a leg..These can be
> had for about $150 or so.

These specs are not particularly good. The fact that the noise figures get
worse at the higher resolution are suspicious. Without knowing more about
how the measurements were made it looks like your are getting about 15 bits
of performance out of this card.

Depends on what you're recording, this might be sufficient for spoken word,
but take a look at the Metric Halo Mobile I/O, it goes for about a grand.

Konrad Strauss
Recording * Editing * Mastering * Production