One aspect of this thread I'd like feedback on is cleaning systems
specific to 78rpm shellac discs, to prepare them for transfer.

As I've noted before, I'm exploring systems which can be used "in the
field": throw the cleaning system (along with the other transfer
equipment) in the trunk of a large car or a van and bring to collections
for on-site raw transfers of a large number of records. (There are
obviously fewer restrictions when transfers are done "in house".) Thus,
I prefer to focus on a cleaning system which is fairly foolproof and
safe, rugged, fast, and adequate (how clean must clean be?) in
cleaning 78 shellac discs for transfer. (Obviously, it must also be
demonstrated to the owner of a collection that the cleaning system is
safe on his/her records. Some collectors may welcome a good cleaning
of their records!)

I've read the two recent messages about the Loricraft and Keith Monks
cleaning systems, so that adds some data points. Do we really need a
system as elaborate as these machines to meet the general requirements
mentioned above?

So, what sayest everyone?

Jon Noring
Project Gramophone