As someone said earlier, really you have to look at the application you
want to use the tool for, and then choose the software and hardware.
Otherwise, you're just spending money blindly.

That being said, if a computer is in order:

I would also strongly encourage you to buy a Mac - it's alot
easier...I've been working doing music / sound applications on
computers for 18 years (albeit it started with MIDI), and Macs are just
alot easier to maintain - and owning a computer means maintaining one;
it always amazes me that anyone can own a computer and not know how to
maintain it - but IBMs (PC's) are the worst. That's why people buy
these super fast and powerful computers for home, and then run Internet
Explorer, Word Perfect, and an Accounting program. That way, the
computer can get gummed up, and because the applications are not
intensive, you can go a long time before you have to call in an
"expert". Not so with audio, and if you're doing audio, you're not
going to want to let the general tech support for the University have
at it with your computer, because you're going to want to know exactly
how things are set up, and you're going to start being really
protective of that, because you're going to find there are specific
setups to optimize for audio on your computer.

You know those Mac "Switch" ads? They're true. Or more simply: how many
people do you know who curse their Mac? How many times do you hear
someone curse Windows?

On Wednesday, January 28, 2004, at 02:28  PM, Dale Francis wrote:

> it should be no problem interfacing a mac with in a windows
> environment. Many universities do so everyday.
> the mac OS will do this with very little hassle.
> it is also written for handling audio and I would also suggest looking
> at TC Electronics Spark XL for your recording and mastering software.
> they also have a Powercore firewire DSP restoration setup.
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