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> As the format nopw exists, recording in only one direction would be prudent.
> But as per my original post, full track & two track would be preferable.
> And, such special format cassettes would be substantially compatible with
> conventional players.

For stereo, the audiocassette format as originally specified and licensed by
Philips called for four tracks to ensure mono compatibility. Unlike quarter
track 1/4" stereo open reel tapes, with audiocassettes the stereo tracks are
adjacent to each other in one direction.

I don't know of any full track mono audiocassette recorder.

A mono audiocassette machine is actually half track mono and will capture
both stereo channels with one, wider playback head.

The resulting track width for stereo audio cassettes is less than 1/32" wide
so the format inherently lacks transient response and dynamic range, and is
prone to dropouts.

Audiocassette tape runs at 1.875ips so azimuth adjustment is critical for
proper frequency response. Because of the relatively slow tape speed,
audiocassette machines often run at slightly different speeds which is
especially problematic for music.

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