Ironically, I just called two local vendors yesterday to get this same
type of pricing quote.

One vendor quoted $80 per hour for the transfer, $80 per hour studio
time to clean the audio signal and make a CD quality file and $45 to
create the master CD. The second vendor charges $100 per hour for the
transfer, $185 per hour studio time to clean the audio signal and make a
CD quality file, and $100 to create the CD master.

The tapes I am interested in tranferring are poorly recorded oral
history interviews with a good deal of hiss.

I sent the tapes to one of the vendors so they can give me a sample of
what I can expect in the new improved version. It is up to my client to
decide if the project goes forward, but I also think that seeing if they
would be willing to invest time into creating a sample for you is worth
it. It would really be disappointing, not to mention a waste of money,
if you just sent it and there wasn't much difference.

Holly Dzyban wrote:

> Wondering if anyone out there could give me a general idea of how much
> it would cost to have some sound preservation work done. I am NOT
> seeking a contractor. Just a general idea as to what I can expect.
> 1. How much would it cost to digitize one 60-minute speech tape at CD
> quality?
> 2. If I had 60 minutes of digital speech with background noise, such
> as tape hiss and feedback, how much would it cost to have the speech
> amplified and the noise decreased?
> If anyone could help me with this, I would really appreciate it. I
> just need something to pass on to my supervisors as far as expectations.
> Thanks,
> Holly
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