While I haven't sampled all the machines out there, the automatic azimuth
feature of the Nakamichi Dragon makes it unique in my (and others') opinion(s).

It is only available on eBay and other sources of pre-owned equipment.

We are seeing the discontinuance of all the "good" blank cassette tapes, and it
seems that even a year ago, there were few, if any, high-end cassette machines
in stores.

I think very-high-end turntables are an anomoly of the audiophile market. I
don't think we can count on that for audio cassettes (or Dragons or similar
products would still be produced) or video cassettes.

I still think piggy backing on the IT industry is the best long-term choice.




Richard L. Hess

Quoting Frank Strauss <[log in to unmask]>:

> The discussions engendered by these two threads are what I love about
> this list!  Where else would you discuss things like this? In response
> to Don Cox's thought that cassette players might be around for another
> 50 years, I would make the observation that VHS tapes were sold by the
> jillions and you used to see  6 or 7 different brands at places like
> BJ's and Sam's Club. Now you're lucky if they carry even one. Also, the
> machines have certainly gotten dirt cheap, but they're not nearly as
> available. How long before you'll only be able to get a machine on eBay? FBS