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        Subject:        Fwd: Elvis Event January 27th: Sun Sessions Master Tapes to be Cut

I've just received this interesting announcement. This upcoming Elvis Presley
event seems to have slipped under my radar screen prior to this. (Anyone else's?)
The lineup of guests is quite a mix (including Joe Franklin, Cousin Brucie, and
"Representatives from the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and Christie's [and]
Rock musicians and personalities to be named later.")
I spoke with Gail Parenteau, the event's publicist. She said that the tapes have
10 Elvis sides from 1954-55 (including, of course, the uptempo arrangement of
the classic Bill Monroe waltz "Blue Moon of Kentucky" from the first session).
They were bought some years ago as part of a lot by producer/collector Mike
Esposito. When Esposito realized what he had, he contacted Sam Phillips, RCA,
and the Presley Estate about the matter.
The recordings were transferred to digital, Ms. Parenteau said, but it was clear
that the originals were degrading quickly; hence the decision to cut up the tape
and sell segments as collectibles.
Richard D. Smith

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Subject: Elvis event January 27th.......Sun Sessions Master tapes to be cut.
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Just another reminder about the event in NYC for which I now have limited
space. Wanted to let you know that phone interviews are available in advance.
Please call me at the number below to arrange.  For non-media, thought you'd be
interested in knowing about this new collectible. Thanks, Gail

Media Advisory for Tuesday, January 27th

Witness the Official First Cut of the Original Sun Sessions Master Recording
Tape of Elvis Presley

Two-Inch Segments from the Original 1954-1955 Studio Recording tape,
beginning with “That’s All Right,” the Song that Propelled Elvis’s
Career, to be
Cut, Certified, Numbered and Mounted on Commemorative Plaques and Sold to the

* * *
Music Industry Artists and Veterans will witness this First Ever Cut of a
Certified Elvis Presley Original Master Source Tape Recording
Graceland’s Elvis Presley Enterprises to Receive Plaque Number (1)

WHAT:   The official first cut of the original 1954-55 Sun Sessions master
recording tape made by Elvis Presley and his band.  Master Tape Collection,
which unearthed and preserved this initial original source recording of Elvis and
his band, will officially cut, certify, number and mount each 2” segment of
this Sun Sessions Master Tape.  Each segment will comprise an authenticated
collectible limited edition plaque licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises.
                           The master tape has been authenticated by
recording industry experts, and historians Tony Bongiovi and Jim Czak, and is
licensed by Graceland’s Elvis Presley Enterprises. Those attending the
invitation-only news conference in New York will bear witness to the very first
cut of this
master tape and will hear, first-hand, the off-the-record conversations
between Elvis, his band members and engineers from this historic recording.*

WHEN:    Tuesday, January 27, 2004  -  11:00 a.m.

                    111 West 57th Street - 17th Floor Penthouse   (bet. 6th
& 7th Aves)

WHO:   Mike Esposito, President, and Master Tape Collection
Tony Bongiovi, Record Producer, Authenticator
Jim Czak, Owner and engineer, Nola Recording Studios
Joe Franklin, radio personality
Cousin Brucie, CBS FM radio personality
Joey Reynolds, radio personality
Pete Davidson and Todd Morgan, Graceland’s Elvis Presley Enterprises
Representatives from the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and Christie’s
Rock musicians and personalities to be named later

MEDIA RSVPs to: Gail Parenteau, Parenteau Guidance (212) 532-3934
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*Segments from a copy of the master tape will be played during the news
conference.  While its contents may be noted and reported, they may not be
broadcast or duplicated.

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