I am pleased to report that we not only began the new year, but ended the old one, with significant additions to the staff of the Belfer Audio Laboratory and Archive.  As of December first, we were joined by Robert Hodge as the Audio Engineer.  Bob is known to some of you collectors, and may be remembered by others as the person who recorded the 1998 conference sessions here in Syracuse. He brings extensive knowledge and skills to Belfer in not only historical audio, but in film and radio as well.  He has performed our cylinder recording work for at least 15 years and knows the archive well.  We look forward to re-establishing the preservation and service re-recording capabilities that were part of our function here in past years.

We also have a cataloger position, as of September, which we share with the cataloging department in the library.  Jennifer Roock is working on the cleanup of RDI data and addition of original cataloging records for early discs and stray cylinders that come in.  She was here previously for three and a half years on a grant-funded effort to catalog primarily our cylinder holdings that are now accessible on the SU Library OPAC.

Along with Bob and Jenny, I have three work-study students this year.  In the immediate months, we anticipate getting through the backlog of donated collections, enlarging our catalog access to the archive, and resuming significant preservation recording work along with necessary upgrades and maintenance of the equipment in the facility.  This staffing explosion has been greatly facilitated by Peter McDonald, the Associate University Librarian for Collection Development, to whom I report.  We look forward to increased local activity and interaction with other institutions and individuals in vital preservation and access for recorded sound.

Sue Stinson

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