I followed your link and checked out your credits. Impressive! Sometime I'll
have to check them
against our data.

Hope to see you in Cleveland,

best wishes,

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> Which media would you recommend for real time (1x) recording, e.g. 
> with Sony CDR-W66?

Most CD-Rs are optimized for high speed recording and perform poorly at 1x.
However, music CD-Rs are optimized for 1x recording. The Verbatim perform
very well, however you will be limited to silver/cyanine discs which are not
considered to be archival quality. I would suggest that you upgrade your
burner to an Alesis Masterlink. This is a hard disc recorder with an
integrated CD burner which runs at 4x. The performance is excellent with
Mitsui gold and Tayio discs.

> What other digital storage media is more reliable than CDR (computer 
> tapes, hard disks)? What types of streamer tapes (AIT, DLT, SDLT, 
> LTO)?

I believe that the trend is to move away from CD-R as a carrier to a
file-based storage. Most archives cannot afford to put together an online
storage system, but if you have a digital audio workstation of some sort,
you could start recording to firewire drives and archiving the drives

There are a number of advantages to this approach. Assuming you are
recording using standard file formats - AIFF/WAV, you are not locked
exclusively into the CD format and the files would be readable by any
workstation. Second, migration is very simple, simply a file copy from one
disc to another - a 120 gig hard drive (about 200 hours of stereo audio) can
be copied in about an hour. Finally, you can begin archiving at a higher

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