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Tommy Sjöberg

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Interested in Cylinder recordings?
Since the spring of 2003, a web presentation of cylinder collections in Swedish archives is available at the National Archive for Recorded Sound and Moving Images (SLBA) home page:

This is a result of a joint project between SLBA, the Centre for Folk Music and Jazz Research (, and the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. 
Apart from a presentation of the cylinder phonograph in Sweden with sound samples (so far only in Swedish), a catalogue of more than 4,500 cylinders (commercial, archival, ethnographic,and private), of which almost 800 are available in streaming format. An article about the holdings and activities of the ethnographic cylinder archive at the Ethnographic Museum in Stockholm, with original collections from five continents recorded between 1910-30, will be published in Fontes Artis Musicae vol. 50:1 this spring. Ethnographic cylinder recordings of Sámi (Laplander) yojking from this archive were released on cd in late 2003 (Svea fonogram SVCD 9, available from

Mathias Boström
Archivist, Svenskt visarkiv (the Centre for Folk Music and Jazz Research)