I have one of these drives and I really love its portability and its 
flexibility. I would, however, never use it in an archival capacity or 
consider it a permanent storage medium. They are too new to the market, 
in my opinion, and seem a little transient to me. That is to say, they 
will most certainly be replaced by something better or significantly 
altered as the technology used to create them evolves. They are also 
untested as to their longterm capabilities. Since I tend to be fairly 
conservative when it comes to storage, I would stick with the reliable 
storage methods currently in place.

Jos Van Dyck wrote:

>What are your thoughts and expectations re. the use of so-called Pen
>solid-state USB2 Flash memory sticks? No more mechanical problems with
>Would these (or other solid-state storage devices) become a viable and
>long-term storage alternative to CD-R, hard disk, tape or other
>storage media?
>What is their life expectation and vulnerability?
>Jos Van Dyck

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