Hi Holly.  Depends where you go.  Here in Boulder, audio edit time in a
pro shop costs $75 an hour. Audio restoration specialist (better ears on
the engineer costs more) runs $150.  You should figure on adding about
15 minutes of session time to the length of the tape for machine set up,
and another 15 or 20 for outputting the speech to CD.



The amount of time it takes to sweeten the speech is unpredictable
without hearing the tape - if, however, the recording quality is
consistent throughout, I'd budget an hour or two for basic sonic clean
up. Could take considerably longer.......but you get to decide how much
time you can afford. Tell the engineer at the beginning how much time
you're budgeted for and they'll tell you, or demonstrate for you,  how
much of the sound can be cleaned up within your monetary constraints. 


If I were estimating without having heard the tape, I'd say 2.5 - 3.5
hours minimum.



Sue Salinger

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Wondering if anyone out there could give me a general idea of how much
it would cost to have some sound preservation work done. I am NOT
seeking a contractor. Just a general idea as to what I can expect.

1. How much would it cost to digitize one 60-minute speech tape at CD

2. If I had 60 minutes of digital speech with background noise, such as
tape hiss and feedback, how much would it cost to have the speech
amplified and the noise decreased?

If anyone could help me with this, I would really appreciate it. I just
need something to pass on to my supervisors as far as expectations.





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