Hi all,
I work in a small health sciences archive that's in the process of
inventorying our collection and, from there, creating EAD finding aids.
We've been looking for software that lets us do both, and, since we
already use Innopac for our library operations, I'm particularly
interested in Innovative Interfaces' Metadata Builder (part of the
MetaSource module). Does anyone have any opinions about it?

This is what the blurb on the web site
( says:

Metadata Builder
Libraries are looking for ways to describe digital collections
effectively and efficiently. Metadata Builder allows libraries to
describe and store digital collections using a variety of metadata
schemes such as EAD or Dublin Core.

Features of the Metadata Builder include:

Support for the storage of metadata structures and formats (e.g., EAD,
TEI, Dublin Core, and XML)
Ability to enter, batch load, store, and export XML in a defined
metadata scheme
Indexing and retrieval on the various metadata schemes
Web-based display appropriate to both object- and collection-level
Links digital objects with appropriate metadata (e.g., image database
with Dublin Core or digital archives with EAD)


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